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"International Rug Expert Comments on $33.7 Million Record Price For Antique Oriental Carpet"

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

OAKLAND, CA.- Jan David Winitz, internationally recognized Oriental rug expert and founder of Claremont Rug Company, today said the world record price bid today of $33.7 million for a “remarkably crafted, miraculously preserved and awe-inspiringly beautiful” from the first half, 17th century confirmed that “best-of-the-best” carpets are now entering the upper echelon of art collecting.

The Southeast Persian carpet, likely woven in the city of Kirman, was sold at an auction in New York conducted by Sotheby’s and was part of a selection of 25 carpets in the sale. Total sales for the event exceeded $43 million.

“I expected that the piece would draw strong bidding,” he said, “but this price which is more than three and one-half times higher than the highest previously paid for a rug is truly phenomenal. The Safavid ‘Sickle Leaf’ Persian rug from the collection of William Andrews Clark is well-documented in the Oriental rug literature. The auction comes at a time when art collectors are increasingly interested in the best-of-the-best historical Oriental rugs, which are almost entirely in museum collections and rarely come to market.

“As I commented three years ago when Christie’s sold a 17th century Kirman at auction for the previous record price of $9.59 million, there is a thirst for the great art created in the Near East. Collectors recognize two periods, the First (ca. 1500 to ca. 1700) and Second (ca. 1800 to ca. 1910) Golden Ages of Persian Weaving, as the eras when the artistic skills and cultural traditions existed to produce art at its most profound level. I have no doubt that this sale is a precursor of a movement to come: the recognition that the best Oriental rugs woven in the 16th through 19th centuries stand on par with the highest valued art works of other mediums.”

All of the rugs in the auction sold at more than the pre-sale estimated prices, many at 4-5 times the valued predicted.

Winitz, the author of “The Guide to Purchasing an Oriental Rug,” said that his international client base of “art collectors are constantly on the lookout for top-tier rugs from the Second Golden Age which can serve both as wall art and as complements to the other forms of fine art that they collect. We have created actual waiting lists for a number of our clients.

“Frankly, there virtually no important rugs from the First Golden Age available except in the auction setting,” he said. “And the number of highly collectible Persian carpets and Caucasian rugs from the Second Golden Age is rapidly being purchased and placed into private collections. In the last decade, we have been privileged to acquire and make available to our clients most of the major collections of art-level pieces from the Second Golden Age.”

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"Silken Wool Home store adds works of local Vernon artist"

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Try not to be in a hurry when you enter a Silken Wool Home store. Upon entering, one will quickly appreciate the high quality and artisanship of everything that the owners, Behrooz Ghorbanian and his wife Sussan Chakamian, select for the store, but its unique assortment of merchandise takes a little time to go through. That diversity is probably the result of their believing in a higher standard rather than the latest trend or current colors. They believe "art" can be incorporated into our daily lives. And the selection of items that fill their home furnishing stores in Hamburg/Hardyston, New Jersey and Warwick, New York are an affirmation of that belief.

Whether it’s one of the many handcrafted Persian or Oriental rugs, an American glass vase, a piece of organic bath linen, or a five-foot-tall wooden sculpture, there’s a feeling of personal pride and, perhaps, responsibility in their inclusion. In keeping with these requirements of artisanship for all the store’s items, they are happy to add ceramic artist Agatha Wyman to this stable, and Wyman is glad to be accepted.

Wyman lives in Vernon, New Jersey and has been creating ceramic art for over 25 years. After being graduated with honors from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, she continued learning more about this difficult medium from leading ceramicists and through her own explorations. She has had numerous shows in the Northeast and is currently teaching locally. Working in "series,’ Wyman is presenting works from her "Innate and Natural" and her "Game" series at the Hardyston store. The Warwick store has artwork from the "Stone Balloon" as well as the "Game" series. Innates are based on elemental concepts such as one becoming two, and have an organic quality. Both the Game and Stone Balloon pieces are a little humorous and satirical, and use the trials and tribulations of modern man for their inspiration.

"Handcrafted Elegance"

Article Published By: The Sparta Independent

December 12, 2002

By Chris Wyman

HARDYSTON — The new 2,100 square-foot Silken Wool Home Gallery on Route 94 in Hardyston is a study in elegance. Along with an extensive collection of handcrafted Persian and Oriental rugs, the gallery also offers a plethora of handmade interior furnishings and art by American craftsmen.

The gallery also offers fine gifts for all occasions, a magnificent collection of glass works, metal art, wall sculptures, and hand-made lighting from renowned artisans from around the country. The gallery also stocks high-quality bedding.

The grand opening, in September, was officiated by Hardyston Deputy Mayor Leslie Hamilton, who, during her opening remarks said, “It's wonderful to have people that are willing to invest in our town. This store is great from the unique artwork, beautiful glassware, and exquisite rugs to the wonderful jewelry, which are art in themselves.”

Hamilton went on to say, “This store will be an asset to all. There are gifts galore that you can’t find anywhere else in Sussex County. If you want something different, this is the place to come.”

According to gallery owner Bruce Ghorbanian, the company is a “purveyor of luxury home décor, exquisite bedding, fine rugs, and artisan lighting.”

After 11 years operating in Warwick, N.Y., Ghorbanian came to realize that many of his clientele were coming from Sussex County. Opening another gallery in that general area just seemed to make sense.

Acknowledging that the gallery’s offerings are clearly high end, Ghorbanian says that people both demand and appreciate quality goods, even though they may be somewhat pricier.

“Even though the economy is bad, people are always looking for quality. There’s always somebody who wants to buy something beautiful for their home or for a wedding gift,” said Ghorbanian.

Their vast collection of Oriental rugs consists of tribal, modern and one-of-a-kind silk pieces. Silken Wool Home also offers rug cleaning and repair services.