Glass Hikaru Lanterns-8

Glass Hikaru Lanterns-8
Item# Lamp-Glass-Hikaru-8

Product Description

These talented American artists create sculptural lighting that saturates any room with an intimate glow. The design details of these adorable light sculptures are inspired by many natural elements such as binding techniques used in bamboo fencing, the fibers of paper lanterns or woven mats, lacquered boxes used for containing food or precious items, textile designs, and nature.

Each lantern and all its details are individually handcrafted of mouth-blown glass. The light source is a 25w incandescent bulb with riveted clip in socket and line switch (included).

The short lanterns are about 8-9” high and the tall ones about 11-12” tall.

This lantern is made to order by the artist. Please allow 2 weeks plus shipping time for delivery.