Egrets Series

Egrets Series
Item# Glass-Series-Egrets

Product Description

Egrets Series
Flock of egrets landing in marshes at warm sunset hour. Lots of golds, ochres and mustards contrasted against chocolate browns and midnight black. Very painterly piece, with lots of texture and subtle color shifts.

The artist's designs are dissected after creation so that her chosen images and hand applied painting and drawing can be collaged, layer by layer, in her studio by her artist staff. The resulting piece is an original design individually executed, and as each is entirely handmade, there are subtle variations in every one. Each limited piece is signed and numbered by the artist.

Available in: 26" Bowl 19" Bowl 11" x 19" Rectangular Platter

May be commissined in:

24" Round table 20" x 20" Platter 18" Oval Platter 11" x 19" Rectangular Platter