Cherry Burl Bowls

Cherry Burl Bowls
Item# Wood-CherryBowl

Product Description

The sophisticated craftsmanship displayed in this exquisite burl bowl will add functional beauty to any space. The distinctive shapes and ring patterns found in our Cherry Burl Bowls are a display of Burl at its finest.

Ideal as a gift or addition to your own home collection, you’ll never run out of uses for this flawlessly crafted bowl. Burl wood has stood the test of time as a highly sought after wood, due to its unusual patterns and colorful grain, beauty, and scarcity.

Each one-of-a-kind Bowl is signed by the Artist, insuring your investment for years to come.

8" Bowl: $88.00

10" Bowl: $140.00

12" Bowl: $275.00

14" Bowl: $407.00

17" Bowl: $550.00