Bluebird Suspension

Bluebird Suspension
Item# Chandelier-DImperio-Bluebird

Product Description

These lighting sculptures are created organic in form and yet machine-like in craft. The lights are assembled from a variety of materials both traditional and modern with a lightness and clarity that reveal aesthetic detail and fine workmanship.

The brightness, miniature qualities and lack of obvious electrical components convey a sense of magic. Subtle use of technology has allowed structure and power to be united with an elegant simplicity that seems to defy gravity.

Their presence in a room can enliven the space with a quality of light that is both functional and beautiful. Two Blue Birds are shown in the the picture.

This piece is made to order, please allow 8 weeks plus delivery time.

Metallic blue lacquered maple body. Stainless steel and aluminum structure. Dyed wood wings. Polycarbonate shade. MR-16 halogen with glass cover. 24" Length, 5" Height, 3" Width. Suspension height and angle are adjustable.

Shown here as a pair, sold separately.