Single Artisan Candles - Bittersweet *Discount Price*

Single Artisan Candles - Bittersweet *Discount Price*
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Product Description

These artisan candles are handcrafted in America from high grade, low oil content wax. They are unique in style, colors, and texture. For over 30 years the studio has been designing and crafting elegant candles for your home and interiors. These tear drop shape candles burn beautifully for many long hours. They are meant to be used and enjoyed. They are pretty darn good at resisting dripping as long as you keep them out of a draft.

They are also very clean burning. This comes from the selection of wick and using a very high grade, low oil content wax. These waxes are significantly more expensive than the waxes found in most jar candles. If you do observe any smoke from the candles while burning, the wick needs to be trimmed shorter. Shortening the wick will result in a clean burning flame.

Size: 5.5” tall, 6.5” Tall, and 7.5” tall